All products are developed and mostly produced in the Netherlands.

Under the watchful eye of professionals, we create professional hair cosmetics with the best quality ingredients in order to achieve a high-quality product in which we optimally respond to the wishes of the customer.

RiquezaCompany pays attention to detail in everything we do, we challenge ourselves every day to create a world where you can show the best of yourself.
Riqueza combines science and nature to achieve a subtle and elegant beauty through hydration and the use of the best raw materials.

Originally found in Southeast Asia, green caviar is one of the life secrets of the Okinawan residents called “the long-lived island”. The green caviar extract is sustainably produced in the Philippines. This remineralizing algae pearl is the perfect ally to bring hydration while limiting loss due to its hygroscopic properties. The raw material suppliers also play a major role in innovation and sustainability.

Riqueza strives for perfection through a green and animal cruelty free route, which is why we purchase the best raw materials from the most reliable suppliers. Riqueza closely monitors that the production process runs smoothly and can therefore always guarantee our quality.